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[Talk] Navigating the design leadership dip

02 mars 2021

[Talk] Navigating the design leadership dip


“The worst thing about growing up is realising adults don’t have all the answers.”

As an individual moving into a design leadership role, whether team, department or global capability, it can feel like everyone else knows the secret and you’re just making it up as you go along. You start to let go of some of your “on the tools” craft skills and take on more business and people responsibilities. The result can be a confidence-jarring dip, where you’re not very good at either one. Imposter syndrome can quickly set in.


For Senior Designers, Leads en devenir, Design Lead, Design Director

In this talk, Andy Polaine shares his journey and insights into design leadership and what he frequently encounters in his design leadership coaching.


Dr. Andy Polaine is a coach, designer, educator, writer and podcaster who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability, transform their organisations and themselves. More recently, Andy has been coaching designers through their mid-life and career journeys (and crises).

For several years he worked at Fjord where he was global Group Design Director of Client Evolution. He is co-author of the Rosenfeld Media book, Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, now a standard text for Service Design. Andy has nearly three decades of experience in design and innovation with clients across a range of industries, including financial services, public services, life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, media, design and education. He holds a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney. He can be found online at polaine.com, on Twitter as @apolaine. He writes a popular newsletter called Doctor’s Note and hosts the Power of Ten podcast.


Twitter : @apolaine | LinkedIn : AndyPolaine

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