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Google Design Sprint Conference

09 avril 2019

Google Design Sprint Conference

In collaboration with Le Laptop, Google Design is joining the local Design Sprint community in Paris to announce the official launch of the Global Design Sprint Chapters program. As one of the premier chapters in this new program Lelaptop will be hosting a Design Sprint Day to bring together Innovation and Design Sprint thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience. The day will be comprised of lightning talks and interactive sessions, in order to help make this the most exciting and valuable event for the community we are inviting experts to come share their experience and help facilitate afternoon sessions. Space will be limited to those who are actively interested in or engaged in facilitating Design Sprints for their organizations.




  1. Kai Hailey, Global Sprint Chapters Launch
  2. Tomomi Sasaki, Orchestrating multiple design sprints
  3. Stephane Cruchon, Make it happen!
  4. Fabrice Liut, Systems thinking to improve transformational design sprint
  5. Remi Rivas, Design Sprint not by the book
  6. Louise Anne Maillerie, Cecile Doolaeghe, Pauline Thomas : Service Design Sprint in Corporate environment REX

LUNCH : 13h-14h

UNCONFERENCE : 14h-15h30

 Sprint In!

  1. Mindset : Engage participants before the Sprint
  2. Space for user research : Organize user research streams before / during / after a sprint
  3. Framing problem : Define the best design challenge for a sprint

Sprint Out!

  1. Culture of sprints : Create orgs’buy-in after a sprint
  2. Tech onboarding : Onboard dev teams in the process
  3. Continuum : One sprint is not enough


APERO : 17h – 20h



Kai Hailey is Google Design Relations & Sprint Master Academy Director

Steph Cruchon is the founder of Design Sprint Ltd in Lausanne. Steph Cruchon is a Swiss designer, with 15 years of experience in UX / UI design. As a pioneer of agency Design Sprints in Europe, he has personally run full-week Sprints with more than 50 companies across various industries like Swiss Re, Autodesk, Somfy, l’Oréal, Kudelski, and others to conceive and fast prototype their services and products. Steph has been lecturer or speaker at EPFL, École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Invision Design Better, Blend Web Mix, Product Tank, HEC Lausanne, Swiss tech talks.

Talk : Make it Happen!

Let’s face it, Design Sprint is still new, looks risky and there are millions of good reasons NOT to run a first 5 days in an organisation. Together, we’ll see how we convince our corporate clients to finally get excited, roll up their sleeves and take the plunge.


Tomomi Sasaki is a partner at the Tokyo & Paris based design studio AQ, leading projects that deliver useful digital products and services for clients around the world. In the past few years, she’s extended her design research and facilitation skills to take on challenges like organizational culture change and transforming the employee experience. Say hi on Twitter @tomomiq.

Talk : Orchestrating multiple design sprints

Most design sprints aren’t run in isolation. What does it look like when we want to run a series of sprints? Run sprints in parallel? Launch a program of sprints? In this short talk, Tomomi will zoom out from our tendency to focus on the next design sprint, to open up a conversation on the possibilities and what it takes to orchestrate more than one.


Rémi Rivas is a consulting designer, cofounder of Ignited Kingdom.

His mission is to help organizations define, organize and implement their innovation projects. His purpose is to improve the performance of innovation methods, systematically debunk the risks and shorten the time to market thanks to design thinking, lean startup and outcome-driven innovation.

Talk : Design Sprint not by the book

Beyond the rigorous methodology, let me show you how we twisted and adjusted the Sprint philosophy in order to :
– accelerate the conception of digital tools into corporate cultures,
– align the key stakeholders on ambitious innovation projects,
– build startups essential value propositions
– teach the basics of Design Thinking to 500 students at once !
This talk is about how we didn’t follow the recipe at all but learned some cool stuff in the end anyway.


Fabrice Liut is cofounder of Les Comptoirs, Sprint master community leader is a Systemic & Regenerative Designer. I solve problems with the Design Sprint recipe. I talk about life, I make fast prototypes and music.

Talk : Systems thinking to improve transformational design sprint

Jake Knapp’s design sprint is great to learn and launch digitals and start-up products and services. likewise, his recipe is useful to transform complex organisations ! But in a complex system, you need more than design thinking tools, you need systems thinking tools to improve the design sprint recipe !
I’ll show you how I adapt design sprint tools to make design sprint awesome to solve problems in complex playgrounds.
I’ll show you how systemic design and macro-facilitation can help our society’s transformation.


Pauline Thomas, Louise Anne Maillerie, Cecile Doolaeghe

Pauline Thomas is the founder of Le Laptop. She’s a multifaceted professional: first artist then UX designer, sprint master, trainer, community builder, entrepreneur. As one of the pioneer in the UX field in France, she’s designed many services for international tech companies to major french cultural institutions and has trained more than 700 people. In 2012, Pauline set up a UX and Art community space in Paris named Le Laptop with the mission to bring purpose, happiness, and creativity at work by building a design culture. Pauline has been certified Google Sprint Master in 2015, she has run more than 60 design sprints.

Louise Anne Maillerie, UX designer at Les Comptoirs. Cecile Doolaeghe, Head of UX at BNP Paribas

Talk : REX about Service Design Sprint in Corporate environment.

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