Coworking at Laptop

Drop in at Le Laptop! We offer hot desks by hour or day and flexible desks from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. Open 24/7 for dedicated desks members.
You are all welcome ! Now UX designers, developers, researchers, coachs, writers, creators populate this ecosystem …

Come and visit the place every Tuesdays at 12am or every Thursdays at 6pm and have a lunch or a drink with us!

Hot Desks

2 standing desks and 30 hot desks

The 3 coworking spaces welcome nomads to work in 3 different moods: focus, collaboration, creativity. Pop  manière ponctuelle ou plus régulière sur un bureau, standing desk ou dans un canapé. All spaces offer desks for occasional or regular uses, you can work from a regular hand made desk, standing desk or even a sofa inside or outside the lofts. You can pop in whenever you want for a day (25€/d) to several days a month (100€-300€/month).

Available on weekdays, from 9am to 7pm

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Dedicated Desks

No desk left

The large open space comprises 18 comfy desks for medium/long-term residents. But Laptop is much more than renting a desk, it’s being part of a warm, thoughtful and welcoming community, where you’ll be able to build your ecosystem and hopefully create projects together.

Book a tour on tuesday noon or thursday 6pm, and join us for a meal or apero. 

9 am to 7pm (24/7 access in option)

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