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Meet the Talents

Meet the Talent #6

Emerging talents presenting their works

For this 6th edition, Laptop & Adobe France welcome 4 artists with very different universe:
Noémie Pottiez (AD et Graphic design)
Michaël Sallit (Ilustration & Graphic Design)
Edouard Wautier (Product Design)
Laurent Lucchini (AD & Graphic Design) :

So, come over on Wednesday the 21th from 7pm to 10pm to discover new people, talk and share a beer!

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Meet the Talents

Meet The Talent #5

Portfolio revew

Meet The Talent is an occasion to share with creative people, from different disciplines.

For the 5th edition, Laptop & Adobe France host 7 creatives :

#1 – Mona Kim : 

Mona Kim is a director of creation working on exhibition project with museums and also client like Uniqlo, for instance. She worked on a projet for the Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã) that recently opened at Rio and designed immersive environnements for the permanent exhibition.

#2 – Simon Lazarus :

Simon Lazarus is a visual artist. His work is a mix of different influences moving constantly : kinetic art, animated gif, old school graffiti, contemporary graphism or old school video games and surrealistic paintings.

#3 & #4 – AB/CD/CD :

Standing for Camille Dauteuille & Clément Dozier. Nowadays this duo of film directors works for advertising and do music videos for Lily Allen, Breakbot, UFFIE, notably. Their job is to tell stories, shapes, ludic and entertaining objects.

#5 – Julie Robert :

Following her certificate of animation design at school Estienne, Julie Robert graduate at the “Gobelins”. Now anchored in animation, she presents her short film ‘’Et chaque nuit’’ she’s working on with Céline Le Thérisien. She also develops a pitch for the TV series : Lula & Lisa.

#6 – Yannick Fischer :

Yannick is designer at Designer’s team, studio he co-founded with Joël Schillio. Member of Laptop, Yannick is fond of illustration and experiments engraving and linocut.

#7 – Julie Ferrieux :

Julie Ferrieux is still a student, at Intuit Lab in Aix-en-Provence. However, she recently left the south to work in Paris at Les Bons Faiseurs agency. Her approach of graphic design is global, eclectic and very curious, always nourishing itself from outside perspectives.



Du design pour un monde meilleur par UX Paris & IXDA

Design for a better world

IXDA & UX Paris meet at Laptop’s Atelier on wednesday, the 18th of May. Gilles Rougon and Doug Powel speak about the ‘design for a better world’ and IBM Design.

This event starts à 7:15 pm with 30 minutes speeches each. And then at 8:30pm, for a larger discussion.

UX Breakfast

UX Breakfast: UX in agency

What are the UX uses in the marvelous world of communication agences ?

Introduction then panel discussion about UX in agences with UX designers from Marcel agency : Hugo Vermot, Vincent Mayol and Vadim Vichniakov.

There are 3 main sectors where UX design is quite beloved : a traditional communication agency, an advertiser and a UX agency. Today, we’ll only talk about UX in communication agency.

Issues, opportunities, methods, and a few tricks on how to make UX shines in agencies will be exposed.

Finally, the most important job for a UX designer in agency, is to adjust his methods and slightly convince his interlocutors of UX practices. Sometimes the agency’s context seems complicated, but it also gives us opportunities to test and develop new approaches, particularly the collaborative and iterative ones.

Based on the story, at times funny, of our experiences, this introduction is just a point of views. We won’t take no responsibility neither on Hugo’s funny language  nor on Vincent’s impromptu jokes, UX designer and Head of UX, respectively, at Marcel.

        Program :

1 • L’UX at Marcel Agency

  • – The initial misunderstanding
  • – Change the point of view
  • – Our multi-tasks role

2 • The intern process

  • – product serving the communication department
  • – Production method
  • – Digital culture

3 • New methods

  • – Change the habits
  • – Answer a brief through a sprint
  • – Involve the client into the reflexion



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